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We thank our sponsors for their generosity and support.



Drs. LD and Charlene Britt

Ms. Jane Batten




Dr. Richard Shannon




EVMS Department of Surgery

Dr. Thomas Blanchard

Dr. Donald Nuss

The Richard and Martha Glasser Family Foundation

R.B. & Lilly Bradley 

Mr. Conrad Shumadine

Drs. David Zolfaghari and Mary Beth Kurz 

Drs. Lloyd Shabazz and Eloise Center-Shabazz

Ms. Kathryn N. Byler

Dr. Deborah DiCroce




Mr. Malverse Nicholson

Drs. Marybeth and Mark Hughes

Drs. Harrison and Lucy Wilson

S.J and Geeta Lavingia

Dr. Saundra Winstead

Dr. Steohanie Jones Marioneaux




East End Baptist Church

Dr. Terrence Fullum

Dr. Kedar Lavingia

Dr. Leonard Weireter

Ms. Shelia Elliott

Ms. Irene Newsome

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Gayle

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Jones

LtcRet Warren & Dora Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brockett

Dr. Jay Collins

Dr. John Hess

Wilbanks, Smith & Thomas Asset Management, LLC

Ms. Carolyn Hines

Ms. Robin Ray

Ms. Joyce Mebane

Mr. Joel Wagner

Vernon Rainey, D.D.S.

Carol Downing 

Dr. Benita Jones

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Isaac

Dr. Stephen Deutsch

Dr. Jessica Burgess


Mr. John Monroe

Ms. Brenda Roberts

Dr. Michael Goretsky

Dr. Scott Reed

Ms. Bettie Cooper

Drs. Melvin and Patricia Stith

Dr. and Mrs. John Sheppard, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Elliott and Dorothy Jones

Ambassador Bismarck Myrick

Dr. and Mrs. Richard and Lucille Conran

Ms. Linda Drummond

Rev. and Mrs. George Spicer

Suffolk Alumnae Chapter

Ms. Karen Ellis

Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie and Gloria Mizelle

Dr. Elza Mylona

Dr. Orren Rayford 

The Honorable Leroy Bennett 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanwood Dickman

Ms. Doris Rice

Ms. Hortense Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley and Linda Samuels

Mr. Lawrence Bernert











The L.D. Britt, MD Scholarship Committee extends special
recognition and thanks to all donors
for their contributions.

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