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Scholarship Recipients

The L. D. Britt, MD Scholarship Recipients

Risa Reid, 2013 L.D. Britt Scholarship recipient, describes how the scholarship has made an impact on her life .


2016—Calisha Allen, (Wake Forest School of Medicine) Class of 2020


Current Status: ​M4 at Wake Forest School of Medicine.


Primary Interest: General Medicine


​Residency: Currently undecided 


​How the L.D. Britt, MD Scholarship is changing my life:

"I am very honored to be selected as this year’s L.D. Britt, MD Scholarship recipient. Medicine is a long and difficult journey, especially for students like myself who are the first in their families to pursue this path. Beyond the rigors of academics and professional development, there is a significant financial and mental burden, which is quite unnerving as a student breaking the traditional socioeconomic barriers to becoming a medical doctor. The support from this scholarship eases my concerns and allows me to focus on my education, while also having affirmation that there are people who believe in my abilities and care about my future. I am sincerely grateful to Dr. Britt for investing in my education and providing the platform I need to succeed in my medical training.​

2014— Dr. Olivia Means, (University of South Alabama) Class of 2018


Current Status: PGY 2 surgery resident at Spectrum Health/Michigan State University in Grand Rapids, MI


Primary Interest: Surgery


​Residency: Integrated Plastic Surgery at Spectrum Health/Michigan State, Grand Rapids, MI


​How the L.D. Britt, MD Scholarship is changing my life:

"I am honored to be a L.D. Britt, MD Scholar. The scholarship's generosity has changed my life. I am so excited about being in medical school and the new ways I will be able to give back to the community as a physician. Becoming a medical doctor is my dream and I want to thank each of you for being a part of that dream."



2013—Dr. Risa Reid, (University of Virginia School of Medicine) Class of 2017


Current Status: ​PGY 3 Intern at Carolina's Healthcare System


Primary Interest: Surgery


​Residency: Orthopedic Surgery Carolina's Healthcare System, Charlotte NC 


​How the L.D. Britt, MD Scholarship is changing my life:

"I am honored to be a part of the L.D. Britt Scholarship family and extremely grateful to be under the tutelage of such an exemplary physician, Dr. L.D. Britt. The L.D. Britt, M.D. Scholarship will allow me not only to focus on my medical training by defraying the forthcoming debt service that comes along with the rising costs of a medical education, but also to engage first-hand with one of the pioneers in the medical field of surgery. I am humbly awed by Dr. Britt’s fortitude and compassion to serve, and as an aspiring surgeon myself, look forward to the mentorship that accompanies the scholarship. The L.D. Britt, M.D. Scholarship has brought me one step closer to achieving my dream of a career in medicine, and with this and the inspiration from Dr. Britt, I will one day be able to give back and also help others to succeed in achieving their dreams."

2012—Dr. Akeem George, (Virginia Commonwealth University) Class of 2016

Current Status: ​Completed Pediatrics Residency, University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Medicine, Las Vegas, NV

Primary Interest: Surgery​

Residency: ​Pediatrics at University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Medicine, Las Vegas, NV

How the L.D. Britt, MD Scholarship changed his life: 

"The L.D. Britt MD Scholarship has greatly eased the troubling distraction of growing debt and has afforded me the opportunity to remain focused on my career, my family, and my community. With the assistance that I have received from the scholarship fund, not only have I been able to assist my family financially in our time of need, but I have also been able to both expand my role as a mentor to Richmond students and  pursue other opportunities to enhance my professional development. The L.D. Britt MD Scholarship is an investment in my future, and in this way it has given me the ability and the motivation to reach beyond my short term goals and achieve future successes worthy of this honor."

​2011—Dr. Shannon Walker, (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine) Class of 2015

Current Status: Doctor of Internal Medicine - John Hopkins, Department of Internal Medicine

Primary Interest: Primary Care, Public Health, Women's Health

Residency: Osler Medical Residency Program (Longcope Firm) at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD 

How the L.D. Britt, MD Scholarship changed her life:

"I am deeply grateful for the L.D. Britt, MD Scholarship and for what it represents: excellence in scholarship, and generosity in service! The scholarship has lifted the burden of medical school debt for both my family and me, and has allowed me to concentrate on my medical training. In attending the 2011 L.D. Britt, MD Scholarship dinner, I was overcome by the magnanimous spirit of the donors, and hope to walk in their tradition of giving back to the community. Moreover, the opportunity to get to know Dr. Britt and receive mentoring from him has been a unique blessing, as his wisdom and insights are very applicable for medical school and for life. Although I am still deciding my specialty, I plan to make the most of this gift by working diligently in my studies and giving back to my community through a career in medicine, public health, and addressing health care disparities."



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